Omihi Hills

The Winery and Our Wine Maker

The Winery

The Omihi Hills vineyard has a boutique winery which includes a modern relaxing tasting area with a superb view of the Omihi valley. The wines are made traditionally, and each wine is hand-crafted by the wine maker.

Although the grapes from each terroir are vinified identically, the expression of the subsequent wine is different and unique. This enables the wine maker to construct the wine from a palette of flavours and structures which are derived from the different terroirs that exist in these special vineyards.

A wooden press extracts the Pinot juice. After pressing the Pinot is matured in Burgundian oak barrels, undergoing secondary malolactic fermentation during the winter from lactic acid bacteria Oenococcus oeni, and various species of Lactobacillus and Pediococcus that are indigenous to the winery.

When the wines have aged sufficiently in the barrel they are bottled. Stelvin screw-caps are used to seal the bottles to eliminate the possibility of "corked" wine.